Our mission is to empower creators and consumers through simplicity, intelligence and customisable exclusivity.

The convergence of creativity, intellectual property rights licensing and tokenisation will unlock billions of dollars in value for capture. We are building a comprehensive end-to-end platform and ecosystem to manage the entire creative lifecycle.

Combining cutting edge technology with operational excellence, we help agencies quickly access the most appropriate visual content because better visuals → better experiences and outcomes for the agency's clients.

Our Expertise

Our expertise and experience covers deep learning technology, enterprise software development, blockchain development and intellectual property licensing.


Berserq is a small, execution-focused group of experts setting out to change the game for agencies. Our mission is to build products and experiences to make a positive impact on society through AI and Web3 technologies.

We're helping to build a brighter future by turbocharging creativity and innovation from the world's most talented creators and innovators.

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